O Me Miserum: the genesis and revelations of an offie

With the chat about Tim May on our site, it’s timely to get into the mind of an offie…

Chris Harms, whose bowling action was highlighted in a recent piece by John Harms, replies to his cousin.

[first published 2014]

SACA Annual Report 1983/84: Same As It Ever Was

The SACA, Adelaide Oval, cricket and West End Light loomed large in 1983/84. Here’s Swish letting those days go by. Come for Bish, stay for Don O’Connor, marvel at Craig Bradley’s straight outta Pooraka poodle mullet. And see if you can spot Boz Maloney. Sponsored by West End Light – the Right Light.

First Test – Day 1: Invers gets it right at Centurion

Brendan McArdle celebrates a very good decision from the Australian selectors.

Adelaide Test – Form Guide and Selections

Invers writes for us from his Tahiti base, with a review of Gabba performances and the possible lineup for Adelaide. He is relying on us to keep Australia’s momentum going, and salvage his reputation. Nominations please.

Second Test: I suppose it is still the Boxing Day Test and we fans are definitely not being rotated.

Sal Ciardulli isn’t rotating himself. He’s off to the cricket no matter who is playing. And you are welcome to join him for a beer.

Third Test – Day 1: The proof is in the fruit-cake

Bernard Whimpress says that the so-called rotation approach where top cricketers are rested de-values Test cricket.