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Memoir: Northerly, North Adelaide and The Bloke With The Talking Shirt

Nado Lenkic, who calls himself Northerly in some Almanac communications, recently sent an email to John Harms. Although it was never intended for publication, JTH asked if he could publish it, as the note is a classic expression of how people engage in all things sport. No wonder Nado was chasing a copy of Play On. [At Uni he was known as The Bloke With The Talking Shirt.]

Kick-to-kick (from Loose Men Everywhere)

Recently Paul Daffey pointed Age readers in the direction of the kick-to-kick passage in Richard Flanagan’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North, suggesting kick-to-kick had rarely been written about. He’s right, although it seems the Almanac is home to a number of writers (like Vin Maskell) who have. Here’s a snippet from Loose Men Everywhere by John Harms published in 2002. [E. Regnans alerted Almanac readers to the Flanagan excerpt when it was first published – Ed).