Who’s Lie’n

Many moons ago the Phantom cave was hidden away in a quiet little apple and rhododendron growing valley at Lalla – between Karoola and Lilydale (Turbo Zurbo country) in deep dark north eastern Tasmania.   All was well at this time of recent peace in the early nineteen fifties and The Phantom who had recently [Read more]

Friday footy is a beautiful thing

Friday Footy is a Beautiful Thing.   I finished work not long after sunset, watching the moon wobble up from, then across, the mountains. It was almost full, but not, as if someone had dropped it on its head. As I came down the logging tracks into the valley, towards the nearest farms, that lead [Read more]

Souvlaki v Kebabs

Everyone’s got a preference for one or the other: the souvlaki or the kebab. Both are kings of the late night fast food fare with swarms of followers keen to tell you one is better than the other. Both are tightly wrapped filled with goodies both warm and fuzzy and sometimes you just don’t know [Read more]

Le Tenia

This morning the sunlight awoke me and I immediately felt uneasy. I was too rested- had I slept through my alarm? Ah. Daylight savings. Then it crept through, that splinter in the ribcage. That splinter that sticks when you roll over on it in bed and remember that your sweetheart has left you or your dog has [Read more]

Joel Selwood. Joel Selwood. Joel Selwood.

The novelist Anson Cameron says that were Shakespeare alive today he’d spend his waking moments thinking of words that rhyme with Selwood. Because Selwood is the topic of the modern day. He deserves poetry: sonnets which capture his quintessence; and epic poems which  tell the tales of when he roamed the MCG, when he led [Read more]