AFL Round 22 – Carlton v Essendon: Football as train crash

This was football as train crash, and to salt the wound it was the second occasion when the odious Essendon had triumphed, when Carlton had dominated for much of the match.

AFL Round 22 – Carlton v Essendon: A tough month

What ever happens over the next few weeks, who cares, we beat the old enemy, writes Rod Oaten.

AFL Round 16 – Western Bulldogs v Essendon: Another honourable loss (sigh)

Every week Bulldogs fan Brenton Shaughnessy asks himself whether it is worth going to the footy. He always convinces himself. The recurring fear of not knowing which Doggies side will turn up – the fighters or the layabouts – is the most difficult thought to navigate.

Man Flu: The silent, potentially fatal and often misunderstood scourge on men’s health (or How I learned to stop sniffling and love the Bomb)

Sean Curtain is attempting to launch more research into the male-only condition of Man Flu, and to eventually find a cure. He suggests the Golf for Man Flu weekend. Men, will you join him?

Performance Enhancers: Jobe Watson v Keith Richards

Shouldn’t we cut our sporting heroes a bit of rock and roll slack every now and then? Why place added pressure on young men like Jobe Watson just because they play football? [This piece includes details of the forthcoming night at the Corner Hotel with Paul Kelly and Robert Murphy – Ed]

Jobe Watson: Why do we apply the ‘Good Bloke’ test?

Of all the factors to be weighed up in the allegations of drug use, Sean Curtain argues that whether or not you’re a good bloke should not be one.

AFL Round 14 – West Coast v Essendon: In Jobe we trust

The spirit and fire that the Bombers have shown this year has been outstanding. We can only speculate the outcome of the ASADA investigation, but in the mean time it would be rude not to acknowledge the on-field efforts of the Bombers in the first half of season 2013.

AFL Round 14 – West Coast v Essendon: Let the Eagles fly at Yarraville

Rod Oaten long ago proposed that the Eagles should have been from Yarraville, not West Coast. And he’s no happier with West Coast now, following this week’s performance by supporters and coach.

AFL Round 14 – West Coast v Essendon: Déjà Vu

Jobe Watson’s display against West Coast reminded Sam of a brilliant Hird performance against the same team after a similar week in the spotlight.

AFL Round 14 – Richmond v St Kilda: Just Your Average 10-Goal Tiger Win

Tigers fans calmly watching their players perform well; Richmond winning the games they should; a style that seems sustainable – it seems footy as we had known it has changed forever.

AFL Round 9 – Richmond v Essendon: The one where a wedding almost got in the way

Weddings during footy season are bad enough, but a phone ban until the end of the reception? It makes no sense to Bombers fan Sam Duncan.

AFL Round 5 – Essendon v Collingwood: Pies play ketchup

The Essendon fans are loving their team again, writes Andrew Else.

AFL Round 4 – St.Kilda v Essendon: We were dacked and Brendon shed a tear

If Yvette Wroby’s team fails to thrive this year, it doesn’t mean she will fail to thrive. Life goes on.

AFL Round 3 – Fremantle v Essendon: One night, two games.

Les Everett takes a surprisingly dispassionate look at his Dockers performance in what turned into a thriller at Subiaco.

AFL Round 1 – Adelaide vs Essendon: And finally the game begins

Bob Utber, grandfather of a certain 32, thinks the Crows are in for a long year based on their opening performance. He doesn’t think the Bombers will fare much better.

Grand Final Preview: The Pre-Wrap

The Wrapster gives his two cents on Jobe, Juddy, Swan, a twilight Grand Final and the Tigers….and he’s just getting started.

The Brownlow winner

We re-visit John Harms’s tribute to Jobe Watson after an unlikely Bombers win one Sunday evening in 2009..

The Brownlow, finals and Matthew Knights

As we approach season’s end, it is good to see that Jobe Watson, Trent Cotchin and Sam Mitchell finished in that order in the Brownlow – humble champions all.