Almanac Footy Teams: A team of Jeffs/Geoffs

Hallelujah! Some decent Jeffs/Geoffs have donned an AFL/VFL guernsey over the years. Anyone “jeffed” and left out of the team? Phil Dimitriadis has come up with a cracker!

AFL 1997 – Twenty Years On: Richmond Tigers (13th)

Relive Richmond’s golden year of 1997.

AFL 1997 – Twenty Years On: Introduction and The Coaches

Can 1997 really be two decades ago? Apparently so, as Swish introduces this pictorial series covering the coaches and players from the 1997 AFL season.

Kids ask the darndest things

Think Jeff Gieschen was flummoxed when Gerard Healy asked him to explain what constitutes a push? Andrew Else can only imagine what happens when a room full of primary school kids wants answers.

Crio’s Q: “Deus Absconditus”

If you don’t mind, Umpire! As usual, the umps have copped a bashing this AFL season. The “deliberate” epidemic at Subi the other week generated another outburst of “worst ever” vitriol on talkback radio. We all seem to recognize a bad umpire….but what makes a good one? Last year, under the magnificent title “Deus Absconditus”, [Read more]