Almanac Teams: Cricketers who contributed in last Test before dropped/replaced

A new year and a new Rodney Boyd team – this time with a five day and creams flavour: cricketers who didn’t play the following match after putting in a more than decent shift

Raving Rulebook No 5

Rulebook’s take on week one of the finals, including that Shuey free, as well as his thoughts on the 2nd Test in Chittagong. All brought to you from the Coopers box at The Parade.

Almanac Cricket: An Indigenous 11?

Australian cricket hasn’t fared too well with Indigenous participation. What does this say about the game?

World wide travelling with Australian coaches

Glen! picks a team of Australian Test cricketers who have coached other nations. Can you think of any more?

Almanac Cricket: An Australian WACA XI

Dave Brown looks at the numbers, and some other things, to pick an Australian XI for the WACA test

Statistics in Cricket, a Cautionary Tale

Demonymic discusses how caution must be taken when looking at cricket statistics, as they don’t tell the overall story.

Cardiff Test – England v Australia, Day One: Dizzy’s done us in!

Ashes Test cricket is back. Watching Yorkshiremen pile on the afternoon runs, Joe Moore has cause to wonder about the influence of our beloved JN Gillespie.

Australian Cricket Digest

The latest edition of the Australian Cricket Digest has been sent to the printers.