Round 7 thoughts and predictions from Sal

Can’t decide who to pick in the footy this weekend? Sal’s thoughts and predictions for Round 7 might help.

Rounds 1 and 2 – Fearless: I’m back!

Fearless is back! Read his wrap up of Rounds 1 and 2 right here!

Paul Keating, Mr Brightside and Bobby Ewing: For the true believers – Richmond 2017

Whatever your views on Paul Keating, the man did have some damm good lines. So, like his comment just after his unlikely election win against John Hewson, the Tigers win was one for the true believers, writes Sean Curtain, and the sweetest victory of all.

Round 8 – North Melbourne v Sydney: In It to Win It

A Mothers’ Day surprise for Daniel Saunders.

Round 7 – North Melbourne v Adelaide: Four quarters, four pubs, four points (pints)

A really stupid and futile gesture leads to Mickey pondering the alternatives to an uncaring footy universe. As an ill-wind keeps blowing at Blundstone Arena he contemplates watching a tumble dryer instead.

Citrus Bob’s Football Dictionary

New styles of football on display, new hope brimming in hearts. Citrus Bob Utber recognises the time for some new vocabulary, stemming from AFL finals week 1.

AFL Round 11 – Essendon v Carlton: There, I’ve said it, “We choked (against the despised)”

Barb Smith gets away for the weekend just in time to see her Blueboys collapse.

AFL Round 8 – Carlton v Port Adelaide: Sleepless nights

Sleepless nights for Neil Kimpton last week. Anxiety on Sunday morning. What’s happening to these Blues fans? Where’s the swagger?

AFL Round 7 – St.Kilda v Carlton: Who wants another go on the roller coaster?

Monday night footy – another anomaly in the season. Still not sure whether I like it or whether I feel the AFL is encroaching further into my life by stealth.