57 Mt Pleasant Street (part 4): it’s the fun, stupid

“It can’t be that simple, can it?” E.regnans on the one link that binds all sports across all countries across all the years. Sport reporting has never been so existential.

Coaching a Young Club from the Bench

While coaching from the sidelines is de-riguer in the NFL, suburban footy and world soccer, opinions in the AFL world are still divided on the effectiveness of coaches calling the shots from the boundary line versus coaching from an elevated vantage point in the stands. Yoshi weighs in with some thoughts on where best to coach elite players from.

Overheard at Essendon: Part 3. This is a win for us?

Channeling Monty Python, John Clarke and Brian Dawe, Sean Curtain reflects on the latest chapter of the Essendon versus ASADA stoush.

Hird et al: some observations

James Hird is back in court again. E.Regnans reckons he’s a gift that keeps on giving (for QC’s and outraged writers).

Gone Girl/Guy: What movies tell us about Essendon and ourselves

Peter Baulderstone saw a great movie on the weekend, and wonders who is the ‘Gone Girl’ in the Essendon saga? And what does each of these modern fables tell us about how we choose to understand our “truth”?

Schrödinger’s club: an experiment on the duality of James Hird

Heads up Nobel Prize panel; Dave Brown fires towards Stockholm with his allusion to Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment. The original presented a cat that may be simultaneously both alive and dead. So of course, that means the coach at Essendon is… wait…

The Mirror Has Two Faces … But the coin the wilfully blind are flipping tells a different tale.

James Hird v the AFL. Selfishness by Hird? Thuggish application of standover tactics by the AFL? Gregor Lewis gives his view of the court proceedings currently taking place.

Essendon and Hird v ASADA and AFL – Day 1: James Hird channels Macbeth in a staggering display of selfishness

Sean Curtain sees parallels between the Hird/Essendon/ASADA Federal Court case and the selfishness of Macbeth. He also sees that the court actioon is a bit like saying that whatever evidence you found when you searched my house that could convict me is inadmissible because your search warrant was wrong.

Walking a mile in their shoes: The case in favour of James Hird

Should a person who has given so much be hung by so little? Sean Curtain has a crack at an impartial view of the return of James Hird.

The Biggest Losers: The full cast list of the EFC drugs issue and who has lost the most (and least) throughout

Sean Curtain surveys the “winners and losers” from the Essendon Drugs Scandal. Cast your own votes for “Heroes and Villains”.

Tickets on himself

David Wilson is mad as hell. He’s had enough. He’s Hird enough.

The ASADA Saga: Inside the Laager

A great portrait of the current footy world according to a true Essendon disciple.

WWRAD: a guide for moral decision-making (or How Rick Astley can change your life)

Sean Curtain argues the case for Rick Astley as a modern-day guru cum prophet. [May prompt a diverse reaction – Ed]

Going West

JohFloh (surely not a Bjelke-Petersen?) has had enough. This lifelong Bomber is sick of the hypocrisy and hubris, and is trading up to a lifetime of honest working man’s footy following the Western Bulldogs.

Greetings from what season?

Sal Ciardulli casts his eyes back across the 2013 sporting wreckage (sorry landscape) and nominates his 3 best and 3 worst of the year. Get your votes in folks.

Why Essendon’s breathtaking arrogance and legal manoeuvring has to be admired.

Sean Curtain may be laughing at the English cricketers, but the Essendon drugs scandal and the incompetent AFL leadership is no laughing matter. Heads must roll.

The Carey Effect: How Bombers fans can reconcile with Hirdy

The best course of action for Essendon fans is to come to terms with the fact that their saviour, their warrior, their seargant-at-arms may just in fact be a bit of a knob. Bombers fans, hear Dan O’Sullivan out – after all, he once defended Carey.

Footy used to be fun

James Hird used to epitomise everything that was great about Aussie Rules to Sam Duncan. Now, he needs to hear some honesty from Hird and Essendon.


Peter Creswell’s fellow Kiwis may wonder who this James Hird character is. He’s the fellow who employed the spin doctor to make sure he became the story, while the facts did/didn’t get out there, Peter says.

Bleed Black and Red

These rap lyrics have been penned by Charlie Thomson, a member of a renowned hip-hop crew called The Winnie Coopers and Essendon fan.