Almanac Tributes: An interview with Jack Styring

A genuine legend of the Australian turf, the racing gods declared correct weight on the life of renowned racecaller Jack Styring with his passing on February 9th, at the grand age of 92. Recorded back in 2014, Jack graciously opened his home to John Harms and Steve Baker to reflect on his time behind the microphone and the binoculars.

Almanac Tributes: Our Caller Jack

Legendary race-caller Jack Styring has died at the age of 92. Peter Flynn penned this celebration of, and tribute to, him after a Yea Ghup about a decade ago.

Jack Styring gets Dog on Fire home at Donald

John Harms paid tribute to Jack Styring when the legendary race-caller was behind the binoculars at Donald, in this extract from Memoirs of a Mug Punter (2002).

The Footy Almanac Podcast Episode 22 – Jack Styring

“Would you like to see the new bank Squizzy?” “Why yes, I think I would…” For our last racing podcast this spring, John Harms and Steve Baker sit down with legendary race caller Jack ‘bearing his molars to the breeze’ Styring for a cuppa or two.

Racing: Mad Dog Morgan, Lord Lucan, Jack Styring … it’s a great cast at Hanging Rock

P. Flynn on Jack Styring and the Hanging Rock Cup.