The Almanac Podcast – Episode 21: Danny Power

With the focus still on Spring Racing, venerated racing writer Danny Power joins Harmsy, Matty Q and Stone Cold Steve Baker on the couch to crack open a few bottles of red and share his love of the horse.

I Talked To Captain Blood Last Night

Paul Molloy has won the Brownlow; lost the girl; met “Captain Blood” Jack Dyer; and won a premiership for his Tigers. All in one day and two poems. That is why they call sport the field of dreams.

Book: Finding Jack Dyer

News on Tony Hardy’s new book Finding Jack Dyer.

The Windows of St Ignatius

Andrew Starkie visits St Ignatius Church in Richmond and is reminded of the comfort footy and the Church have brought people over many years.

League Teams

Stephen Alomes is trying to check an unusual fact, which goes back to Lou, Jack and Bobby.