VAFA Media Awards “Best Online Feature Story” 2018 – Williamstown CYMS AFC: Into The Ammos!

Great news. Smokie Dawson has won the 2018 VAFA media award for “Best online feature story.” We first published it here in May. The story of Williamstown CYMS AFC; a history of the club’s inception into the VAFA. Here it is.

VAFA: Winners’ beer! Smokie brings the latest from Williamstown CYMS AFC

Smokie previews Williamstown CYMS AFC’s VAFA clash against Fitzroy this week.

VAFA Premier C – St Mary’s Salesian v Fitzroy: What a lovely bunch of coconuts and a beautiful set of numbers

Forget the Budget numbers – as PC says we BBs will be dead before we’re in fiscal surplus again. Nonetheless there are happy things to ponder for Fitzroy fans this year.