My Grandfather Played Hurling

Smokie favours us with this story of his beloved grandfather, Neddy Dawson, and ponders the appropriate curation of Neddy’s century-old Hurley.

AFL International Cup Day One: Dancing and smiling, wind and rain

International Cup editor Jack Banister caught up on three games on Sunday as the competition kicked off. The mix of cultures and styles made for a powerful experience despite the weather trying to put a spoiler on things.

Almanac Rugby: No Rest For The Wallabies Ahead Of Ireland Clash

The Wallabies have surprised a few and now face Ireland in Dublin on Sunday in what should be a terrific Test match writes Farris Garrison.

Getting the ICC Team Balance Right

What is the right balance of matches for an ICC World Cup? Wayne Ball gives his view on full members and associates, and poses some questions and (excellent) suggestions for the game’s hierachy.

ICC World Cup 2015 – Ireland v Zimbabwe, Bellerive Oval, Hobart

Mark Duffet is captivated by the passionate Irish and Zimbabwean cricketers who turn on a high scoring thriller in Hobart, and outraged by a marketing “score” board that keeps the scores a secret.

2015 ICC World Cup: Proteas Gain Momentum

Kieran Deck was at Manuka Oval to watch South Africa strut their stuff against the Irish. While the focus for local fans has been on the local lads and the Kiwis, the South Africans are displaying some ominous form, suggests Kieran.

ICC World Cup 2015 – Ireland v West Indies: The arrival

E.Regnans relays the World Cup description from a Derry front bar as the Irish chase down a big target set by the Windies.

2015 ICC World Cup: Ireland v West Indies – Nelson (Haaa Haaa!)

The worst-case scenario for West Indian cricket became a reality earlier today when they were defeated by Ireland in Nelson, New Zealand. Having being bitten by the Test cricket bug, Yoshi delves into the limited overs form of the game. Bemusement abounds for someone from a baseball background.

Top 100 World Cup Moments (From the Aussie P.O.V.): 75 – The Hand of Frog (2009)

Dennis Gedling tells how the qualifiers for World Cup 2010 were mired in controversy. The French (predictably) underperformed while the Irish cried ‘we wuz robbed’.

All-Indigenous teams should be seen on the world stage

Sean Gorman offers historical perspective and social context for the Indigenous All-Stars footy team’s current tour of Ireland.

The Celtic Green Caps.

Glen compiles an Australian Test 11 of players whose family origins are from the Emerald Isle. Would they do any worse than the current team?

Aussie Rules: The World Game

Aussie Rules is truly the World Game, says Dips O’Donnell.

Euro 2012 – Day 11: …you were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off…

Group C Spain Italy ________ Croatia Ireland Italy 2 – 0 Ireland Spain 1 – 0 Croatia It was never going to be a rerun of their match in the 1994 World Cup, but the Irish played their best game this morning. And their fans gave their best of some very good performances. It didn’t [Read more]

Euro 2012: Going home early

Group C Spain 4 – 0 Ireland Italy 1 – 1 Croatia I wouldn’t be surprised if the Irish boys find a beach and lie on it for the next few days. Have a look at the line up when they play Italy see how their tans are. Their tournament is officially over. They have [Read more]

The Queen to visit Croke Park

Yes, you read it right. Check out this piece first published in The Guardian.

Limerick the sports capital of Europe

Limerick is a gloomy at this time of the year but the sun has shone on us (the Australians) with a great result in the first test and the warmth and affection shown by the locals to the team from the antipodes. With unemployment rate of 25% plus it is interesting to hear that Limerick [Read more]

International Rules: Moments We Won’t Likely Forget

This coming weekend the International Rules Series returns to the Emerald Isle for the first time in four years and the highly anticipated build-up serves as a timely reminder of how this ambitious experiment to bind two codes together has effectively paid off. Indeed, the International Rules concept has provided us with a variety of [Read more]

Speech: D.J. Carey and the ‘craic’

This is an edited version of a speech given by Paul Daffey to Melbourne’s Irish History Circle at the Celtic Club in February 2010. I stand before you in the GAA jersey of Kilkenny, one of the combined 32 counties of the Republic and the North, all of whom contest the annual All-Ireland Championship in [Read more]

Ireland Correspondent: Kennelly a very happy man after earning unique double through Kerry triumph

By Peter Lenaghan The son returned to the Kingdom. He was welcomed home. He gathered up the strands of a life he’d put on hold a decade earlier. He joined the famous county football team in which his father had made the family’s name. He battled for recognition and form in an ageing and divided [Read more]

Ireland Correspondent: The toy leprechaun can go back on the shelf

By Peter Lenaghan It is a dilemma that I have been wrestling with for weeks. Our time in Ireland is drawing to a close and I need a souvenir. In stores across the island there are enough tacky postcards, fridge magnets, flat caps, toy leprechauns and T-shirts and trinkets advertising a certain black beverage to [Read more]