Round 4 – GWS v Collingwood: Empathy for the Magpie

After witnessing Jeremy Howe’s horror knee injury on Friday night, Alex Darling felt a heavy layer of empathy. His time spent unemployed during the coronavirus pandemic meant he slid a little bit closer to understanding the gruelling months that lay ahead of Howe.

Win or Lose, Look To Your Stars

Dave H ponders the injury clouds that hang over many AFLW teams as we approach the halfway mark of the 2018 season with big name players going down in the most devastating ways.

Round 19 – Collingwood v West Coast: Forty Glorious Minutes

Dave Nadel admits that before this season he overestimated both his beloved Magpies and their opponents last Saturday, West Coast. He does like the look of several young players on the Collingwood list, however, and thinks that both sides can look forward to improvement in 2017.

Footy. The game of heartache.

Kerrie, AKA “the Bulldog Tragician”, ruminates on the Dogs’ recent bad fortune.

Round 3 – Geelong v Gold Coast: When the supposedly crumbling Cat Empire overcame King Rodney and his Knights of the Oval Table

With Kardinia Castle under siege from the marauding Suns, the Black Knight Cats, losing limbs but refusing to fall, declare, “NONE SHALL PASS.” Paul Spinks, your metaphor game is strong.

West Indies Tour 2015 – Aussie Squad Selection

Paddy Grindlay on the will-be’s, maybe’s and would-be’s for Australia’s tour of the West Indies and the Ashes Tour.

Retirement for the Weekend Warrior

Vaughan Menlove shares the difficult decision facing the competitive athlete about when to quit. The heart and mind are willing but the body chooses to differ.

Not Bad or how the Hawks walk the talk

Trucker Slim sees his Hawks as only improving from here. After having the dark clouds of injury look like derailing Hawthorns season 6 rounds ago , the opposite may be in the making.

When is it time to hang the boots up and retire?

Andrew Weiss loves his Lions and Jonathan Brown in particular. But when is enough enough? In the wake of Darren Glass’ retirement, Andrew wonders if it is time to finally put club second, and family and future first.

You have to laugh and you have to wonder….

Yvette Wroby looks at the long injury list for her Saints, and surveys the injury rate across the competition. Is this getting worse, or have injuries always been this prevalent?


When Matt Zurbo’s rib is broken by big Bourkie in the twos, the Old Dog is told to retire. You can imagine his response.

God Said

Somewhere between last week’s snow, and this week’s constant rain, the hard, grey weather that floods or buries roads, God put his finger over our oval, leaving a blue sky that lasted six hours, and whispered “Bloody oath. Play.” There was no wind, no mud. Just cold air and sun getting in our eyes. Our [Read more]

Torn Thighs and Golden Boys

I tore my thigh muscle in a practice game a few weeks ago, nursed my way through Round 1, couldn’t really train, but rolled out for Round 2, where the opposition ruckman split the injury back open at the first bounce. I played through. With about ten minutes left, I flew for a pack mark, [Read more]

Footy: My range of injuries lead me to reflect on cursed stars

By Jeffrey Paterson Over the last few weeks of school holidays, I’ve been wondering if my fingers and hands will hold up this footy season. Ever since I’ve started playing footy I’ve had 4 broken fingers and I’ve dislocated 5 fingers at least 4 times each. Other than my hand injuries I’ve had a couple [Read more]