2019 Cricket World Cup Final – That’s a Draw, Mate!

Michael Viljoen certainly has his thinking cap on this week. Following on from his ‘epic journey of biblical proportions’ earlier in the week, he’s now trying to undo the Gordian knot of how to fairly decide the outcome of a tied ICC World Cup Final. He gives us several options to consider.

2015 ICC World Cup Quarter Final- South Africa v Sri Lanka: When the Nightmare Meets the Fairy-tale

Wayne Ball covers the World Cup Semi-Final at the SCG between South Africa and Sri Lanka, where the Proteas finally have won a knock out World Cup game for the first time since their maiden appearance in 1992.

Getting the ICC Team Balance Right

What is the right balance of matches for an ICC World Cup? Wayne Ball gives his view on full members and associates, and poses some questions and (excellent) suggestions for the game’s hierachy.

Bricks in the Back

Hands up who hasn’t felt the debilitating effects of a serious back injury? Matt Watson argues why Michael Clarke should do the right thing by his long-term health and Australia’s World Cup squad and rule himself out of the up-coming ICC World Cup.

Sport’s Many Cups Runneth Over, and Over

Jeff Dowsing muses on the supply-side economics of professional sport; “Give us time to miss you…”