Almanac Memoir: My Grandfather Played Hurling

Smokie favours us with this story of his beloved grandfather, Neddy Dawson, and ponders the appropriate curation of Neddy’s century-old Hurley.

Almanac Hurling (and Travel): An Australian on Tour (in search of kulcha)

Matt O’Hanlon and G-Squared are on tour in Ireland. Matt is having trouble with the language but he’s loving the kulcha. [Classic O’Hanlon and a great travel yarn – JTH]

Almanac Hurling: Waterford v Clare – Ireland Division 1A Final Replay

After drawing the Division 1A final recently, Waterford and Clare “came back next week” for the replay. As reported in The Irish Times, the replay was a cracker – held yesterday in Thurles, County Tipperary.

The All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Final (Replay) 2014: Kilkenny v Tipperary

Braham Dabscheck always thought that Australian Football was the fastest and most exciting team sport of them all. Not any more. Hurling, he says, is a game that has no truck shillyshallying.

Straight Talking Irishman tackles Discrimination

Peter Baulderstone offers the companion piece to last week’s blog from top Irish hurling player Conor Cusack about his journey with severe depression. Conor’s even more illustrious brother Donal Og is profiled in this article about his ‘coming out’ as a gay sportsman.

Irish Sportsmen Lead from the Heart

Peter Baulderstone loves that sport can be a vehicle for debate and change about important social issues, as Nicky Winmar and Adam Goodes have shown. The Irish have brave men like hurling champion brothers Conor and Donal Og Cusack. Here in the land of plenty and home of ‘The Bachelor’, we have Aker and Watto.

Ahh now, about the hurling

A shared love of sport – in this case hurling – traverses all borders, as David Wilson can attest.