Almanac Memoir: My Grandfather Played Hurling

Smokie favours us with this story of his beloved grandfather, Neddy Dawson, and ponders the appropriate curation of Neddy’s century-old Hurley.

AFL Round 22 – Carlton v Essendon: Football as train crash

This was football as train crash, and to salt the wound it was the second occasion when the odious Essendon had triumphed, when Carlton had dominated for much of the match.

Bombers rule Etihad

After a drought breaking win over Fremantle last week, I was predicting that Essendon would win over the hapless Dogs. With Hurley back to form, Watson running rampant in the midfield and Dempsey off half back, what could stop us now? (Not trying to boast, but we have a good team). The Dogs, after getting [Read more]