Almanac Lunch: ‘The Footy Jumper Book’ with Swan, Hughie, and John.

A full house at the recent Footy Almanac lunch to introduce ‘The Footy Jumper Book’ enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of entertainment with the special guest speakers, football greats David McKay, Hugh Mitchell, and John Birt discussing their celebrated footy careers.

Hugh Mitchell – Essendon great: Train reflections

Seeing former Essendon champ Hugh Mitchell on the train brought back some childhood memories for Col.

Almanac Footy History – On The Bench (Seat)

Would you buy a new or pre-loved vehicle from one of these blokes?

1973 – The VFL Around The Groundsmen

Swish has come across this early 70s tribute to VFL around the grounds radio commentators and asks what it was like on your AM dial?