If ya don’t mind, umpire!

Stainless comes in off the long run on the AFL law makers. Are they killing the goose that lays the golden eggs?

Almanac Cricket – Blind Deaf and Clueless: A Modest Proposal

Phil Hill is back considering AFL umpiring in the context of the laws of cricket

2013 – A Season in Song: Round 11 – Unrewarded Effort

Swish Schwerdt skipped Round 10, but came up with some of his finest work after Round 11. How did they resist the classic topics of video review and holding the ball?

No Oliver, you may not have some more. Eighty will do.

Another off-season, another fundamental change to the way football is played, says Adam Ritchie. Considering how great our game it, it sure does seem to be tinkered with a lot.

Outrageous fortune on the half forward flank

There are rules and there are rules. Some are straight forward, like the drive on the left rule. Some make a lot of plain sense, like the wear a seat belt rule. And some, like the holding the ball rule, in Australian rules football are incorrigibly self-conflicted and yet almost profound in their gallant striving [Read more]