Henry and the Jets: Turning sour into sweet, a farewell.

Another Heathmont Jets team playing in a Final, another Henry Ballard report. Will it be third time lucky? Henry tells it all.

Henry and the Jets: Déjà Jets

The Heathmont Jets’ Colts and Reserves grades played their Preliminary Finals last weekend. Henry Ballard has kept his promise to them to write their games up for the Almanac. Here’s his report.

Henry and the Jets: Overtime and out of time

After a four match winning streak just to get there, Henry Ballard’s Heathmont Jets played their elimination final last Sunday. Here’s how they went.

Henry and the Jets: Characterful

The character of a sporting club is developed by the community of dedicated people involved says Henry Ballard using his club, the Heathmont Football Club, as a prime example.

Henry and the Jets: Thanks Paul Hudson!

After some goal kicking advice from former Hawk great Paul Hudson, the Jets won a hard fought match and moved back into the top 4 for the first time in a while reports Henry Ballard.

Henry and the Jets: Ticking Boxes

Henry Ballard’s Heathmont Jets must continue to tick off the boxes if they are to feature in the Eastern Football League’s finals series. Henry tells us how they fared against the Mulgrave Lions last weekend. Go Jets (the Almanac’s latest fab team)!

Henry and the Jets: a win and some strings

Holding on desperately in defence, Henry Ballard tries to keep the game at a physical level to block out the mental stress of a close match before he orchestrates a symphony of strings which have gone ‘ping’.

Henry and the Jets: The Underfish

They’re a different mob at Heathmont – there’s a refreshing honesty about who they are and where they’re at. Henry Ballard takes us inside the mindset of the club.

Henry and the Jets: Heathmont, romanticised.

Buildings come and buildings go, but it’s what they’re about and what they mean that counts. Deakin Uni student Henry Ballard takes a romantic’s perspective of all that matters about Heathmont’s H.E. Parker Reserve.