Half Way Cat Report: Pussies Postscript

The Cats’ defeat at the hands of the Bulldogs on Friday night has Paul Spinks re-thinking the situation at Geelong. Do the players have their heads screwed on? And who at the Cattery is taking any notice?

Greetings from the XXX Olympiad

Greetings from the XXX Olympiad in London! It’s been an absolutely incredible day. For the past few weeks I will be honest I have been slightly confused. I knew that the Olympics were coming, but I just wasn’t quite sure how I felt about it. The anticipation was there, but it felt different to a [Read more]

When a throw is a throw

In baseball they call it a pitch, in netball a pass, in football a handpass. In all three cases it could simply be called a throw. I remember gathering around Mr Patto at footy training as an eight year old at Petrie Park in Montmorency. Mr Patto was a legend; Montmorency’s Pied Piper. Rather than [Read more]