Plus Ça Change

Mathilde de Hauteclocque has some news about the Cygnet and his new sporting direction.

Crio’s Q: Olympic armchair experts

Every four years armchair experts adopt a sport, its rules, its champions and its scoring nuances. Outside of the Olympics there is very little general interest in beach volleyball or diving or table tennis or women’s 400m running….. But, from under a rock we emerge to absorb and then challenge Drew Morphett, or Sandy, or [Read more]

AFL Round 11 (and gymnastics): Perfection 1 Gymnasts 0

  by Dips O’Donnell       I’m at the Sate Netball and Hockey Centre to watch the Victorian Gymnastics championships. It’s an impressive centre. Lots of steel girders, vast glass windows, and official looking desks with official looking people manning them.   I have a nervous daughter competing today. There are a few Olympians [Read more]