Round 3 – Sydney v GWS: Something Buddy this way comes

Defeating the cross-town rivals (aka the “Enemy”) proves deeply satisfying for Tom Bally

Round 1 Preview: Another year for the Tiger?

Huge return from Sal who gives us his thoughts on:
– the season
– Round 1
– the weekend’s races, including The Golden Slipper
– the Ammos

AFLW Round 7 – GWS Giants v Brisbane Lions: The Queens of the Jungle

Yvette Wroby watches the first of the three critical game and season decider on Friday night. She did not see, nor hear, the Lions coming. She does now.

How I accidentally fell in love with GWS

Deb Waterhouse-Watson had a bitter break-up with AFL footy a few years ago, but there’s something about the AFLW that’s bringing her back to the game.

AFL Pre-season – GWS v Sydney: Chaotic Neutral (with photo now)

Footy came to Mathilde de Hauteclocque’s backyard on Friday evening – which of course is perfect material for a piece of MdeH’s writing.

AFLW Round 2 – GWS v Carlton: Giants gazumped by classy Carlton the inclement weather specialists

Jennifer Muirden was safe from the thunder and lightning at home on her Melbourne couch as she took in the dramatic game between GWS and Carlton from Sydney.

AFL Finals – Fearless’s Review

Fearless looks at the first two weeks of the AFL Finals.

Finals Week 2 – GWS v West Coast: Different

Young Aidan Hammond needs some help with the names of grounds before he gives his match report, which describes the Giants’ easy win against the Eagles.

I hate Richmond

Smokie Dawson tries to explain his deep-seated hatred of Richmond.

Finals Week 1 – Adelaide v GWS: Row G’s phalanx of tepid thermoses

The Crows demolish GWS on a rainy night at the Adelaide Oval. Mickey Randall’s keen eye observes the surroundings, and the proceedings. He’s getting excited.

Round 21 – Western Bulldogs v GWS: Youth, teamwork and matching – My birthday extravaganza

Mark O’Sullivan flew down to Melbourne on his birthday to watch his Giants in action. Not only did he enjoy the win, he took in plenty of Melbourne’s culture and food.

Round 21 – Western Bulldogs v GWS: Just how good are the young guns?

Peter Fuller is a Carlton supporter but he went to this important match and had a good look at the two sides. What happened? And was it more than accuracy that won the Giants the game?

Round 21 – Western Bulldogs v GWS: Surf’s up

The orange tsunami is back. Gill Dite watches them overwhelm the reigning premier.

Round 18 – Richmond v GWS: Flying away – the Giants away game problem

Mark O’Sullivan is a passionate GWS fan. He responds to those who criticise GWS as an artificial construct.

Round 18 – Richmond v GWS: Can I say the ‘F’ word yet?

Jack Banister may have froze on Sunday but he was pumped by Richmond beating GWS and claiming a top four spot. A Toby Nankervis moment of beauty and goal has everyone on their feet.

Round 17 – GWS v Sydney: There and not there

I’m not sure Mathilde de Hauteclocque is entitled to sit in the House of Reps but her impact comes from the keyboard anyway. Here she describes the green shoots of genuine rivalry in Football Sydney on a night to satisfy the senses and sensibilities, French and otherwise.

Emma Quayle: A Giant Success

Deakin student Marnie Cohen interviewed GWS recruiter and former Age journalist Emma Quayle about her journey in footy. [This is a truly fascinating interview – MNQ].

Round 17 – GWS v Sydney: I could gloat – but I refuse!

The stats don’t interest Jan, the speculation doesn’t interest her. All she wants is for the Swans to continue playing good hard-fought contested footy, as they have in recent weeks, then all the hype can take care of itself. Jan is a happy lady at the moment! Maybe into September? Who knows!

Round 16 – Hawthorn v GWS: Fireworks and Crazy Rollercoaster Rides

Mark O’Sullivan plays Fixture Lotto when choosing family getaways and this one takes him to Launceston where he sees the draw and heads off to see the Tassie Symphony Orchestra.

Round 16 – Hawthorn v GWS: We can be Giants, just for one day

John Green and Mrs Green are on holidays in Tassie, and take in the Hawks-Giants game in Launceston. They become Giants of the day, for good reason. As for the rest of the day…