The Wonders of no Internet

As his Cats go down to Richmond, Scott Field finds it advantageous to be travelling in the wi-fi challanged parts of Southern Greece.

Round 20 – North Melbourne v St Kilda: The Traianidis factor in the ancient city of Athens

Athens, an old Saints favourite and Talking Heads all feature as Jennifer Muirden sees St Kilda marching in, in the not too distant future

Jim, the Olympics and the Forgetting

It is a cold, wet Melbourne day. Tess Pryor – on a mission to have the housework done in time to watch Sally Pearson strut her stuff at the London Olympics, meets old mate Jim struggling to find his friend’s house…

Hard work and rewards

Euro 2012 Group A Czech Republic Greece ________ Russia Poland Greece 1 – 0 Russia Poland 0 – 1 Czech Republic Anything can happen and did. The teams I’d so flippantly dismissed have qualified for the next round. And I have to say I’m really glad they did. The Czech Republic did not quite roll [Read more]