Pride and Passion: The Growth of Women’s Footy in Greater Western Sydney

El Gibbs, co-presenter of BAFL Radio, a weekly radio show and podcast about AFL in Western Sydney, provides an insight into the growth of women’s football in the Greater Western Sydney region and how the passion for footy is a lot more prevalent there than you may think.

The Importance of Being Relevant

Robbo fears that many grass-roots sporting clubs are in danger of losing relevance

Changing Levels

We still go to AFL football; our family have always gone. The game at the top level is as fast and uncompromising as it has ever been. My family have been cat fans for generations and we’ve seen the game we grew up with go through many changes and permutations. One constant remains, the game [Read more]

The crumbs that fall from the AFL table

    So there we have it! $1.25 billon dollars are to be paid for the TV rights for AFL football: a record. Now the debate will be about how this amount is to be divided between clubs, players, administrators and the like. Who deserves this money: the poor clubs, champion players, or draftees and [Read more]