Almanac Teams: Second Eighteen (1980- )

It might be Rodney Boyd’s ‘Reserves’ for his Number 18 side, but there are plenty of entertaining names who have interesting stories from their time on the biggest stage.

Facts about St Kilda and Melbourne

After a visit to the Sports Museum at the MCG Yoshi presents some historical facts and figures of matches played between St Kilda and Melbourne.

The 2017 Nick Riewoldt Cup

Earl recounts his greatest Nicks in tribute to the retiring champion

Yoshi’s Soap Box

I stay loyal to the mighty Saints – Yoshi gives us the Kyoto version of The Run Home.

Coaching a Young Club from the Bench

While coaching from the sidelines is de-riguer in the NFL, suburban footy and world soccer, opinions in the AFL world are still divided on the effectiveness of coaches calling the shots from the boundary line versus coaching from an elevated vantage point in the stands. Yoshi weighs in with some thoughts on where best to coach elite players from.