What is better for captaincy: confidence or arrogance? Or a bit of both?

Whiling his time away in the Arctic, Richard Marlow read Eddie Jones’ autobiography and contemplated the qualities of the various Australian cricket captains of the past 60 years. See if you agree with his appraisals.

Almanac Cricket – The all-time Australian men’s MCG XI: dodging the snorefest

It’s one thing to get the runs on the board on a flat deck, quite another when the game is in the balance. Dave Brown looks at the best men’s performances at the MCG over the years

Michael Clarke: The averages are average

Michael Clarke is Australia’s luckiest captain since Graham Yallop. In any other era, it is doubtful he would be Australia’s captain.

Thank you Test Cricket for sumptuous, textbook batting

Textbook shots, when played by the finest batsmen are of endless wonder, says Peter Zitterschlager, who never tires of their nuance and charm.

Graham Yallop v India @ the Adelaide Oval

As we head across to Adelaide for the final test of this series, my mind drifts back to my youth; last century. In the fifth test of the Australian India series of 1977-78, the sides were tied two tests all heading into the Fifth and final test. We had won the first two tests, India [Read more]