Mental Health Week: Black Dog to Goal Posts (Reprised)

This piece by Jason Kevin Groves from 2011 is one of the most eloquent descriptions of the journey into and out of serious depression. (Hope you are doing well Jason. Give us an update on your footy or personal adventures – Ed.)

AFL Round 5: Winners and Losers

There were loads of talking points to come out of round five. ANZAC Day, an enthralling contest between the Hawks and the Roos, the Tigers stumbling at the death again, West Coast’s ongoing struggles and Port’s ongoing triumphs. There was fierce debate about goal umpire positioning, the review system, and Shane Mumford’s facial hair. ACL [Read more]

Phlegmatic Flegg Reaches Milestone

This week, another AFL games record will be broken. And could there be a more deserving man to take over the mantle? I think not. *          *          * The casual football observer would be unaware of the preparation and dedication required to be an umpire in this era of professionalism. Long gone are the days [Read more]

Flamboyance in goal umpiring; efficiency in junior team management.

by Jill Stoll Kurt has wanted to play in a ‘proper’ AFL team – “not Auskick, Mum!” – for the past year. We signed him on for the Under 9’s at our local club, the Everton Wolves, in Brisabne’s north, in March. Good decision. The first date for the ‘cubs’ was a ‘Meet the Pack’ [Read more]