Knowing your drop kick from your screw punt: Wally Miller’s ‘Coaching the art of kicking’

South Australia’s quintessential 1963 kicking manual has been unearthed. What secrets does it hold?

The return of the goal-kicking midfielder

Could Dusty or Danger emulate the greatest player of the last century, Leigh Matthews, as goal-kicking midfielders beyond compare? Harvs97 puts forward a case, with analysis of similarly prolific players past and present.

Kicking accurate goals

Not long before his Melbourne visit, Yoshi contemplates the connection between good kicking and good football

Almanac Yarn: Davo pulled it to the left.

This may or may not be true. But, in his debut piece for the Almanac, Curtis de Mar tells the tale of Davo, footballer and lateral thinker who was always late for games.

Where have all the goalkickers gone…….long time passin’

Mark Seja yearns for the days of 100 goal a year key forwards. Will we ever see their likes again?


Remember when Tony Lockett kicked his 1300th goal? There’s a video on Youtube. Watch him as he lines up the kick. One after another he performs the motions that comprise his routine. First he bends and rubs the grass with his right-hand. Both hands then straddle the balls’ laces as they hang, ape like, in [Read more]