1971 SANFL Mobil Cards – Part 2: Glenelg

Swish is back with Part 2 of his 1971 SANFL Mobil Card virtual collection which this time features the Glenelg Tigers.

Glenelg Football Club 1971 – Like A Tiger

He’s not a Glenelg follower, but Swish found plenty of interest in this 1971 Bays souvenir publication. Why it included Cornesy’s eye-popping confessions about his pre-game newly-wed routine remains a mystery.

1969 SANFL Grand Final – Sturt v Glenelg: A Greenslide

Swish has uncovered a copy of the 1969 SANFL GF Souvenir Football Budget – while of course filled with the ins and outs of the big game (notably one Royce Hart), read on to discover mentions of PNG, Fruita, Four Corners after Rolf Harris and much much more…

When too much football is barely enough

Mickey Randall really packed it in to his Saturday arvo, making time for three games of footy (and a horse race or two) in a classic case of “Too much sport being barely enough”.

Confessions of an Adelaide Boy

Jamie Mason has changed his view of the Adelaide Crows. In this fine debut piece, he explains why. [A moving tribute – Ed]

SANFL Round 11 preview – Glenelg v Norwood

Dave Brown previews the Norwood v Glenelg clash at Glenelg Oval in the SANFL.

A Footy Almanac Yarn about Writing Footy Almanac Yarns

“Singapore’s only no repeat work day;” Words that could only be found in a Mickey Randall yarn for the Footy Almanac. From downtown Singapore, the day when Mickey heads back to the Adelaide Oval via Glenelg looms. Go Tiges!