The Demons: Steven and Billy Stretch – Part 2

Matt Watson continues with his father and son profile of former Melbourne footballers, Steven and Billy Stretch. Part 2 features Billy Stretch.

SANFL Grand Final: Our Grand Final

Mickey Randall and his lads watched Glenelg salute in the SANFL Grand Final. Even the trauma of the Popcorn Chicken Incident couldn’t spoil the fun.

September and everyone’s in love and flowers pick themselves

Mickey Randall loves the four seasons but there’s something special about spring for him, especially in Adelaide. Find out why Mickey loves spring.

SANFL 1975 Grand Final – Glenelg v Norwood: Colourful Football Identities

The first year of colour TV saw the SANFL venture into brave new worlds of graphic design for the 1975 Grand Final footy Budget. Swish Schwerdt was there, but claims he can’t remember much. Fortunately, the Budget is a goldmine of information.

Proof: Why Living in the `70s was the best

Michael Sexton looks at some comparative studies around the game of the last 50 years thanks to James Coventry and friends – and the results so far are very interesting.

Round 2 – Adelaide v Richmond: Welcome Home Bryce Gibbs

Michael Sexton remembers Bryce Gibbs as a 17-year-old from Glenelg with a drop punt that made you purr, and a Zen calmness that defied his age, and has watched him with pride in becoming the champion footballer he is today.

Footy Blogging and Archiving

Andy Fuller provides a thoughtful and insightful discussion about footy blogging and archiving.

SANFL 70s Pen Pix: Sturt v Glenelg 1974

What did the Pen Pix from the 1974 SANFL Grand Final Budget reveal, asks Swish?

In the firing line with the ruck rovers

The role of the ruck-rover is defined by the many wonderful exemplars Carolyn Spooner refers to from teams of the’60’s through to the current day.

Almanac People: Rick Neagle the leveller in my life

Rulebook writes a heartfelt tribute to Rick Neagle and his tireless work with d4d, Count Me In and the disability sector. And invites everyone to become aware, and involved.

Round 15 – Port Adelaide v Richmond: Port Adelaide and me

Patrick Emery returns to the Adelaide Oval after almost 30 years and tells the story of his footy life, first in Adelaide and now as part of a Tiger family. [Excellent piece – JTH]

SANFL Round 11 – Norwood v Glenelg and around the grounds

Dave Brown takes a whole lot out of SANFL Round 11, as his six-year-old son experiences “a series of footballing epiphanies.”

Early Cornes

By his own admission, Graham Cornes found his induction into the Australian Football Hall of Fame slightly awkward. As a player his signature moment was a gasping high mark in the dying moments of the 1973 SANFL grand final. Glenelg was down by five points when he went back for the kick. It was the [Read more]