GIGSTUFF 66: Australian Open Special

  by Andrew Gigacz   A SPANIARD FOR EVERY RUSSIAN AT THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN Ever had the feeling that Russian women are just like Spanish men? Or vice versa? Well, actually, neither had I, at least not until the seedings for the 2012 Australian Open were published in last Tuesday’s Age. It was then that [Read more]


by Andrew Gigacz NEWS OF THE WORLD (no one else uses that title, do they?) Bankrupt nations, stock-markets in freefall, riots across London. You see, this is what happens when we let Collingwood win a premiership. I tried to warn them, but would they listen… ONE vs 100 And let’s not forget that the footy [Read more]

GigStuff 55

  by Andrew Gigacz THERE’S TONS TO TALK ABOUT Over the past few days I haven’t been able to get the Crowded House song, Four Seasons in One Day, out of my head. But as I’ve been singing it, in my mind and occassionally (to the great annoyance of my sons) out loud, the first [Read more]

Taking equalisation one step further

by Andrew Gigacz News that the AFL is looking at fixturing as a means of helping the equalisation of clubs, as reported by Jake Niall in last Friday’s Age, is most welcome. For too long the league’s “poorer” clubs have suffered at the hands of being fixtured in dead timeslots, against teams with lower drawing [Read more]


by Andrew Gigacz   8.17.1 Who do Geelong and Collingwood think they are, fighting out a dour, low-scoring, every-play-counts kind of a game? St Kilda? Shame on them. But good on Geelong for scoring less goals than Collingwood and still beating them, meaning that Collingwood STILL haven’t beaten the Cats three times in a row [Read more]

GigStuff 53

GIGSTUFF 53 by Andrew Gigacz I’d like to start with a question this week. A week ago, commentators everywhere were worryingly asking if the Gold Coast’s disastrous start to its life in the AFL was going to put off all those players who are going to be wooed by GWS. Now that the Suns have [Read more]


by Andrew Gigacz What a round, eh? The 150th draw in VFL/AFL history (and third in four rounds), Geelong defeated Sydney by the average player-age of the Cats (27) and congratulations to Brisbane and St Kilda, who both managed to get through Round 4 without losing. And in even better news, at least one of [Read more]


by Andrew Gigacz MEATLOAF The bad news is we didn’t get the draw were hoping for last week and we are no longer on target for 24 drawn games in this year’s home-and-away rounds. The good news is that we are still on a “2 out of 3” schedule, meaning we will still get a [Read more]

GIGSTUFF 50 – The score on the draw

by Andrew Gigacz   The statistical planets are clearly aligned at the moment folks. Another draw last Friday means that, as mentioned in GigStuff 49, we remain on world-record pace for 24 draws during the home and away season, three finals going into extra-time and ANOTHER drawn Grand Final. And the events of Friday night [Read more]

Giga Bites 7 – Director’s Cut

Below is an extended version of Giga Bites, which appeared in the Saturday Age on 19th March, 2011. by Andrew Gigacz TIGER TRENDS (1) Depending on which trend-line one follows, the news regarding Richmond’s Round 1 prospects is either bad or worse. If a line is drawn through the Tigers’ last two season-opening clashes against [Read more]


by Andrew Gigacz   “2… 1… ZERO, AND THE FOOTY SEASON HAS CLEARED THE TOWER OF OFF-SEASON SCANDAL” And what a season blastoff it was! 2-point, 1-point, zero-point margins and a 4-point one in there, to boot. I’ve got enough material from round 1 to last me until the mid-season break! Or I would have [Read more]

Giga Bites 6 – Director’s Cut

Below is an extended version of Giga Bites, which appeared in the Saturday Age on 12th March, 2011. Giga Bites Andrew Gigacz AN ELUSIVE MATCH-UP It may surprise some footy fans that, despite being two powerhouses of the AFL, last night’s NAB Cup Grand Final was only the second time in a hundred years that [Read more]

Giga Bites 5 – Director’s Cut

Below is an extended version of Giga Bites, which appeared in the Saturday Age on 5th March, 2011. by Andrew Gigacz RYDERS RIDE AGAIN Two sporting Ryders were scheduled to be in action last night. Paddy Ryder was due to line up for Essendon in its NAB Cup semi-final against St Kilda; and Jesse Ryder [Read more]

Giga Bites 4 – Director’s Cut

Below is an extended version of Giga Bites, which appeared in the Saturday Age on 19th February, 2011. by Andrew Gigacz DRAWN-AGAIN SAINTS There appears to be something about drawn matches that attracts the St Kilda Football Club. Last Friday night the Saints drew with Essendon in Round 1 of the NAB Cup. This came, [Read more]

Giga Bites 3 – Director’s Cut

Below is an extended version of Giga Bites, which appeared in the Saturday Age on 19th February, 2011. by Andrew Gigacz FIRST UP WINNERS With cricket’s one-day World Cup kicking off tonight, advice might be in order for the captain who ends up winning the toss in the final on April 2. In seven of [Read more]

GIGA BITES 2 – Director’s Cut

Below is a significantly extended version of Giga Bites, which appeared in the Saturday Age on 12th February, 2011.   by Andrew Gigacz   DRAWING A LONG (SUPER) BOW(L) Super Bowl XLV was played this week and the Green Bay Packers’ winning score of 31 should have come as no surprise, especially given the fact [Read more]

Giga Bites 1 – Director’s Cut

Below is a slightly extended version of Giga Bites, which appeared in The Saturday Age on 5th February, 2011 by Andrew Gigacz   THE LAST WORD (OR LETTER) ON THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN. They may have been the number one and two seeds, but Caroline Wozniacki and Vera Zvonereva were always going to be up against [Read more]

GIGSTUFF #48: A new Age of stuff

5th February 2011 by Andrew Gigacz If you think that too many stupid facts and bad puns are never enough, then please allow me to direct your attention to the Sports lift-out in The Age each Saturday. “Giga Bites” will appear in each Saturday’s Age so you’ll be able to get an extra dose of [Read more]

GIGSTUFF #47 – No News, Just Sport and Weather

by Andrew Gigacz 24th January 2011 Z FACTOR UPDATE In last week’s GigStuff, mention was made of Feliciano Lopez and Guillermo Garcia-Lopez holding the hopes of the “Z” drought being broken. The only letter not included in the surname of past Australian Open winners is Z. The Spaniards have fallen by the wayside but unseeded [Read more]

GIGSTUFF – Edition #46: From Kew to Z

by Andrew Gigacz 17th January 2011 WHAT HO! WATTO And we begin this week’s “Stuff” with the not so unusual news that Shane Watson has scored another three 50s against England. What is unusual is that, this time, those three 50s were all part of the same innings. Watto’s unbeaten 161 at the MCG on [Read more]