The World Cup Alphabet – L is for…

L is for…
Another letter, another story from Dennis Gedling as we count down the days to the World Cup.

Almanac Soccer: Let’s Look Back at the Euros – Euro ’96 (England)

Euro 16 starts this week and Denis Gedling is bringing Almanac readers up to date with past Championships. This edition is Euro 96 in England with Gazza, Guus and Germany.

World Cup 2014 – Brazil v Germany: ‘Tell’em They’re Dreamin’!’

It was not a good vibe for the Brazilians who were at nines and elevens (sixes and sevens, only worse) at the back, writes Gregor Lewis.

World Cup 2014 – Germany v Portugal: Who do you think you are?

Gregor Lewis watched the much-anticipated Germany-Portugal tie and, like Les Murray, wondered what was going on. [Excellent review of a one-sided but entertaining game – Ed]