On the Geoff Pryor evening in Canberra

Cameron J. Hooke [now there’s a writer’s name – Ed] sends an email to a few footy types each week. Cam, a Magpie through and through, was at Manning Clark House to take part in the Geoff Pryor event. These are some of his observations of the night and of the footy weekend, as sent in his weekly missive.

Footy Almanac Canberra event with Geoff Pryor

Thanks to everyone for turning up to Manning Clark House to hear Geoff Pryor at his story-telling best. Really interesting night. And then on to Eastlake FC to see that crazy game between Richmond and Essendon. [With thanks to Manning Clark House and Bas Clark too…and an added treat when Donny Dwyer lobbed at Eastlake!]

Feb 25: a significant day in the history of the VFLPA/AFLPA

John Harms has produced the story of the formation of the VFLPA forty years ago.