The Rainbow Conundrum: seeking consensus on homophobia in the AFL

The AFL rightly reacts to racial slurs because there is now a universal understanding that racism is abhorrent. But we still have a long way to go when it comes to homophobia, writes Dave Brown.

Straight Talking Irishman tackles Discrimination

Peter Baulderstone offers the companion piece to last week’s blog from top Irish hurling player Conor Cusack about his journey with severe depression. Conor’s even more illustrious brother Donal Og is profiled in this article about his ‘coming out’ as a gay sportsman.

Irish Sportsmen Lead from the Heart

Peter Baulderstone loves that sport can be a vehicle for debate and change about important social issues, as Nicky Winmar and Adam Goodes have shown. The Irish have brave men like hurling champion brothers Conor and Donal Og Cusack. Here in the land of plenty and home of ‘The Bachelor’, we have Aker and Watto.

Poetry: Bill and Bob

                                                    Bill and Bob                                                   By Phil Dimitriadis                                       Bill played forward, Bob played back,                                                             man on man, the olden days.                                       Body hair, Brylcream, going the whack.                                                               Arch rivals these clubs remain,                                       two young men with a bitter secret,                                       who [Read more]