Round 7 – Brisbane v Sydney: True Believers

Jan Courtin can remember previous struggles for the Sydney Swans (and South Melbourne). So she’s thankful for recent success, and looking forward to her club rising again.

Australia v England – 2nd ODI: Selection Spin

Luke Reynolds reports on another ordinary performance from the Australians, but a rock-solid performance from the visiting Englishmen.

The Ashes – First Test, Day 5: Aussies Ease to Victory, But the Fire for the Urn Burns

And so it came to pass that Australia romped home by 10 wickets. But don’t worry – Callum O’Connor can see plenty to look forward to in this Ashes series.

The Ashes – First Test, Days 4 and 5: If

Test Match cricket is a game of “Ifs”. The Brisbane Test was no exception.

The Ashes – First Test: England fade away, Australia left in charge.

Rulebook gives a clear and concise summary of the First Test at the Gabba, and asks what the rising Australian performance, and the English fizzle out, mean for the rest of the Summer. He’s looking for your thoughts too. And he pays tribute to the memory of Phil Hughes with Darren Berry’s tribute.

Register of photographic images of ABC Cricket Book scorecards (and covers).

We know there must be handwritten scorecards out there. Take a photo of a scorecard from your old ABC Cricket Book and send it to us.

The Ashes – First Test, Days 2,3: Man on a Mission (and I’m not Steve Smith)

Mick Jeffrey gets about. Now he’s at the Gabba for the cricket, where he’s been on a shirt hunt. And he’s found some obscure ones (from an Australian perspective).

The Ashes – First Test, Day 1: Opening sparring leaves honours even

We have a contest on our hands, writes John Butler. The inexperienced English batsmen were up for the fight as the Australian bowlers were challenged by a slower wicket than they’d expected (than everyone had expected), but fought back in the final (extended) session.

The Ashes – First Test: Australian squad for the Gabba


Round 9 – Brisbane v Adelaide: Letting ourselves down

Brutus went along to his first night game at the Gabba and after a promising start to the game, Brisbane simply couldn’t match the Crows.

Round 9 – Brisbane v Adelaide: Sluggish start but the Crows eventually fly

Rulebook has a dozen observations about the Crows and footy generally – as he casts an eye over the Lions-Crows game Up North.

Almanac Cricket: Making sense of a second SCG Test

Dave Brown analyses the Sydney push for a second SCG Test.

Australia v Pakistan – Gabba, Day 4: Spin Me A Spinner

As Pakistan makes Australia fight hard for a win in Brisbane, Smokie decides it’s time for a new spin option

Australia v Pakistan – Gabba, Day 1: Smith superb, Pakistan, er, not

Confessed cricket purist Paddy Grindlay isn’t too keen on day/night cricket, but Steve Smith’s batting is another story.

Australia v Pakistan – Gabba, Day 1: Pinky Pool Perfect

Citrus Bob Utber may eschew the lemon dacks for the lime budgy-smugglers as his respect for the pool grows. He reports on the opening day of the Gabba Test when young Renshaw reminded him of The Big Ship.

Australia v Pakistan – Gabba Test: Time will tell

Test cricket returns to Brisbane on Thursday. The team, opponent, conditions and game all very different from recent Chappell-Hadlee life. Citrus Bob gazes into his crystal ball.

Round 22 – Brisbane v Geelong: On a Menegola-rolla

As a Geelong fan in Brisbane, you get one game per year. Hamish Townsend takes his daughter; who would she pick as her favourite player..?

Round 6 – Brisbane v Sydney: No Time To Relax

Joe Moore has been in Queensland recently, himself. There’s an important distinction between a Round 6 fixture at the Gabba and a holiday in Noosa – but is it really possible to travel to Queensland to work?

Round 2 – Brisbane v North Melbourne: Old Stagers

On a sun-kissed Queensland day, Smokie Dawson stands in a rare, sun-kissed moment of sheer elation as his Rooboys go 2-0.

Australia v New Zealand – Gabba Test, Day 5: Easy as A-B-C

Smokie, middle-aged bloke of rusted-on habits, on Day 5 of the Test. Reporting from Apollo Bay.