Round 1- Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Jail-Break

It’s time for the Western Bulldogs to make their own ‘Jail-Break’ and take the leap from mediocre to elite, says Mortlake’s biggest Bulldogs fan Neil Anderson, from his vantage point at the front row of Etihad Stadium.

Finals Week 1 – Fremantle v Sydney: A half-time submission

There were things to be done at half-time this afternoon. Disliking and admiring aspects of Fremantle ended up top of the list for Danny Russell.

Please, AFL, what is ‘tanking’? When principles and pragmatism collide

As we enter the final round, a round in which many clubs are “managing” players out of their teams, Dave Brown tries to make sense of it all.

Frankie’s Summer Training Program Revealed

Never one to deny his fans what they want, Frankie – the first dog taken in the 2012 Canine Draft shares his summer routine with the Almanac.

Hertfordshire: Harry Potter and the Cheeky Half Pint

If you’ve ever wondered where the name St Albans came from – indeed if there even IS a Saint Albans, Mickey Randall is here to help. Now with extra Harry Potter, and recollections of youthful exuberance in Ol’ Blighty.

Fremantle’s Records in Melbourne

Yoshi Imagawa continues his analysis of Fremantle and St Kilda under Ross Lyon: Today, he looks at Freo’s record in Melbourne – particularly at the Docklands

2013 – A Season in Song: Grand Final Edition

One last chance for airwave glory in 2013. Swish Schwerdt concludes his search for song glory on the Coodabeens.

Word Association Football

Mark Schwerdt has set himself the task of associating each AFL club with both an Australian and overseas musical artist. There’s a couple of gaps that need your input.

AFL Grand Final: The Price You Pay – A Fairytale

It was the fairytale the public weren’t expecting, the Cinderella Hawks. Rick Kane argues that there were two standout periods that made this Grand Final great.

AFL Grand Final: Fearless – Like Highlander, there can be only one!

Finally, the football club once synonymous with flaky was now a force. The Dockers’ faithful started the migratory patterns east towards the code’s September mecca, the MCG. Would it be the start of a Purple Reign? (Spoiler: No.)

AFL Grand Final: Three-time loser

Ross Lyon is a three-time loser who keeps creating unfortunate history. Matt Watson looks at why the margin flattered the Dockers.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Preview: Fire Up for Finals

It’s a busy weekend for sports nuts and Sal Ciardulli has cast a discerning eye over a few highlights in footy and racing. What to consider when backing your favourites? Plus, the season gone – how did the vanquished fare against predictions?

Reversing the Batting Order

Peter Baulderstone can’t really enjoy a footy match without barracking for someone. And now it’s finals time and with his team out, whose colours will he nail to his mast? The mad relative; the scum; the overindulged pigs? Your comments welcome…

Boy I am angry

Dianne Waddingham is a Freo supporter, and she’s angry. Really, really angry. There’s the backflip a politician would envy and the statistics that don’t add up, and that’s just the start of it. But she’ll have the last laugh.

Memories of Kardinia

Fremantle have a bit of history at Kardinia Park. Les Everett was there for the last game of 1999, and finds it more of a trek than he bargained for.

AFL Round 19 – Carlton v Fremantle: At home with Fremantle

Like a good Dockers fan, Les Everett planned his socialising carefully around the timing of the game. Pity the timing was off. Luckily, the Dockers were on.

AFL Round 18 – Review: Drugs, Borat and Homer Simpson

Stuart O’Grady gets it wrong; GWS meets Borat; and the Dogs take a scalp. It’s the week in review with Paul Thomson.

AFL Round 15: The View From Shepparton on Round 15 and Other Things

Was watching the rugby instead of Geelong-Hawthorn a good move? Not when you’re turning to Wikipedia to find out what’s going on. It was a varied weekend in sport for Peter Schumacher, but there’s still plenty to say about Round 15.

AFL Round 15 – The Wrap

Won’t someone think of Mr & Mrs Football and all the Little Footballs? And Chris Scott’s blood pressure? After round 15, The Wrap is on Maggot Watch.

AFL Round 15 – Fremantle v St.Kilda: A long history, a lonely premiership

Andy Tuano had tipped against his team by 50+ points, so it’s fair to say he was pessimistic. But as the Saints piled on the pressure, perhaps this could be the day for glory.