Almanac Season Review: Fremantle – bring on 2017

Injuries may have harmed Fremantle’s 2016 season but for Les Everett in his review of Fremantle’s season suggests it started at the end of 2015.

Almanac Book Cover 2016: The case for Pav

Les Everett presents an alternative for Almanac Book Cover 2016, Fremantle’s Matthew Pavlich.

Almanac Books: Champions All – A History of AFL/VFL Football in the Players’ Own Words – Part 1

Matt Zurbo has a new book published called Champions All – A History of AFL/VFL Football in the Players’ Own Words . In this extract players talk about the clubs in the 2010s from Adelaide to GWS.

Round 21 – Fremantle v Adelaide: A Classic Sunday

Aidan Hammond (age 10) paints a perfect picture of home life during the footy season, this time watching Crows v Dockers. [Great stuff Aidan – Ed]

Round 22 – GWS v Fremantle: When the General talks

Kath Presdee watched Giant Jonathon Patton play his best game of footy, seemingly back from his injury woes in the form befitting a number one pick.

Round 22 – Essendon v Western Bulldogs: Thank You Mr. Cooney

Well done Coons! Alex fondly farewells a well-loved champion.

Round 17 – Fremantle v Geelong: Anchors a-weigh pt 2

Josh Coales explains how the inflatable anchors and Fremantle’s hopes were brought back to earth.

Round 17 – Fremantle v Geelong: Win is a win..especially in Perth

Perth Cats President Dennis Gedling finally enjoyed seeing his side beat Ross Lyon’s Freo but senses the Cats are a bit off.

Round 14 Collingwood v Fremantle: It’s gonna be a long flight home.

Poppy Penny bravely journeyed to Melbourne to watch Freo take on the Pies and discovered chilled red wine is drinkable.

Round 14 – Collingwood v Fremantle: Tigers triumph during Moon Safari

In our series from the MCC Members, Qld member Tony Moon remembers the Collingwood of old

Round 14 – Collingwood v Fremantle: A Docker in the House

Neil Belford one the few MCC members that supports Fremantle writes about the G and the Dockers.

Round 13 – Fremantle v Port Adelaide: A club with hope in their minds, not knowledge

Chris Michaels is bewildered with Port Adelaide’s performance in Perth. He and 60,000 paid up members are seeking answers to a range of questions – and they “won’t be placated easily.”

Women’s AFL: She Begins

On Wednesday, the AFL officially granted eight clubs licenses to the inaugural 2017 Women’s AFL competition. One journey ends and another begins today.

Round 12 – Brisbane v Fremantle: Winner, winner…

With Brisbane staring at a big loss to Fremantle, Jamie Simmons finds the positives and comes out a winner.

Round 11 Review – The 2016 Charles Liston Cup

Somehow Earl O’Neill has managed to segue from Sonny Liston and Muhammad Ali into Round 11 results with his inimitable style.

Round 10 – St Kilda v Fremantle: Geez boys, make me nervous much?

Freo made Saints supporter Yvette Wroby’s heart palpitate and in the end it was two wins on the trot for St Kilda, first time since early 2014.

Round 10 – St. Kilda v Fremantle: A Game Of Two Halves; Or Really Bits And Pieces Of One Quarter, A Half And Another Quarter

Braham Dabscheck writes about the Saints win over Fremantle, a game with more twists and turns than an Agatha Christie murder mystery.

Round 6 – Adelaide v Fremantle: The Greatest Leveller

Rulebook reports on the Adelaide win over The Dockers at the Crowval, and also has an axe to grind over events from the previous week’s game.

Round 5 – Fremantle v Carlton: Transitioning Without a Parachute

For John Butler, this was a battle between a team seeking to learn how to, and another that had forgotten how to.

Round 1 – Western Bulldogs v Fremantle: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Mick Jeffrey saw the Dogs whip the Dockers with the stadium lid off.