‘Free’ Thinking and ‘The State of the Game’

Peter Baulderstone is happy with his Eagles but wonders if rugby tactics are taking over the Australian game. Some musing on changing the risk/reward of free kicks to encourage open running, long kicking and high marking (explain it to your kids).

Home bias in AFL umpiring: the 10 year tables

Dave Warner of the suburbs has completed his opus: the last 10 years of AFL free kick counts examined and analysed. Do umpires always favour the home team? How do Victorian teams fare when playing at home against non-Victorian teams? Trends, biases… all is revealed.

Running on instinct (or How the AFL Rules Committee is ruining the game)

So many of the AFL’s incessant rule changes of recent years are grating with the football community because they fly in the face of players’ instincts, writes Neon Leon.