Round 22: Footy previews from Sal, plus some race tips.

All the tips and previews from Sal for this weekend of footy and racing.

Round 23 – West Coast Eagles v St Kilda : Saints safari descends into desolation in the wild wild west but the Best and Fairest has been determined.

Far more than a match report; Jen Muirden’s travel diaries take you through the UAE and culminate at the 2015 Trevor Barker Medal presentation at Crown. Highly recommended!

Round 12: The Pre-Wrap

The squeeze for top four, top eight and Sylvan Shield positions is on – who will climb the middle of the road barricade and storm the gates of finals contention? The Wrap has the word.

Thoughts, past and present, on Free Agency

in 2009, Sam Steele was unsure how free agency would play out. Five years on, he looks at some emerging free agency scenarios.

Dramatic Dawes Turnaround Shows Growing Instability In AFL

Thinking a little bit about Chris Dawes recently and after looking at his current career situation, it really did smack me right between the eyes as to just how unstable the AFL is becoming.

Don’t let the Dawes (insert pun)

Why is Dawes even contemplating leaving Collingwood?

Another Gorilla Missed

The Bulldogs need more gorillas. I mean that in the nicest possible way. Our last gorilla, Brian Lake, left to be part of premiership glory. Not sure if he lived in the Western Suburbs but if he did, I hope the trek out to Waverley every night is worth it. So the Bulldogs decide to stick [Read more]

Oh Big Q! Say it ain’t so

Brandon Erceg is distraught. The Big Q is leaving the Eagles for Collingwood. Of all places, Collingwood!

Brendon Goddard: the rules provide; the rules take away

Brendon Goddard has packed his bags and moved to Windy Hill. As a proud – if battered – St Kilda man, Matthew Webber is not sure where he sits on it all. Rage is so futile, disappointment so wasteful, and pragmatism so cold.