Almanac Cricket – The all-time Australian men’s MCG XI: dodging the snorefest

It’s one thing to get the runs on the board on a flat deck, quite another when the game is in the balance. Dave Brown looks at the best men’s performances at the MCG over the years

The All Victorian One Test 11 – just in time for Boxing Day

From the 70 players who only played one Test for Australia, Sean Curtain names an All Victorian One Test Eleven.

At Last, Some Meat

The evolution of a correct bowling action in cricket is discussed by Phil Hill as he takes readers through an umpire’s role in implementing a “Doubtful Action Procedure.”

Beyond Bradmania

DG Bradman’s first game for St George in November 1926 is the dawn of modern cricket history according to “Cranky” Pete Warrington. But let’s not discount those who came came before The Don. Cricket’s “Golden Age” needs to be remembered.

“Where’s That Bearded Illywhacker?” – Don Bradman Lives Next Door : A Cricket musical

Preparations for the world premiere of Tangled Web Theatre Production’s latest presentation – the cricket show, Don Bradman Lives Next Door continues. Opening night is March 17th at the Doncaster Playhouse, Doncaster (Melbourne), before hitting the road through March and all through April this year.   Here’s an exclusive snippet from the English dressing room when [Read more]