Crio’s Racing: The last Saturday of Winter

Crio’s excited. Spring is around the corner and he can’t wait to decipher the form. Plenty of tasty tips for this weekend’s racing too.

Royal Ascot Tour Diaries – Day 1 – Frank, Joe and the Guv

  London. 4am. The sun already streams. Australian trainers would love fart-of-sparrow track-work in such early brilliant light. My own body clock is either still rooted, or the excitement of Royal Ascot opening day, and particularly Frankel, has me doing form and absorbing video previews and tips at this ungodly hour. It’s like Christmas morning [Read more]

racing “Royally”

We’re back to being a Colonial outpost this week as, undeniably and rightly, all racing eyes are fixed on the “Royal Meeting” at Ascot. The first race of the week will take some beating. Frankel’s 11 length win on Tuesday was breathtaking. What acceleration! As emphatic a performance as has been seen on this big [Read more]

Morning Suit Glory – The Royal Ascot preview

As compiled between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, and posted on a sunny early Sunday morn from Gloucester Road, Kensington, SW7 ——————————————————————————————————— It was my Pulp Fiction moment, of sorts. Though it must be said, I was not riding shotgun in J.Travolta’s Chevrolet at the time – perhaps thankfully so, as recent “revelations” would [Read more]