The Footygods: Icarus

Even the greatest of champions have a flaw that can bring them down, says Ian Latham.

The Footygods: Mt Olympus

And then there were four. The swans got to take on the pies and the hawks got the crows. And both pairs fought over the right to get into the big one; the right to play for a silver cup at the MCG. And there is nothing bigger and nothing more special than the G [Read more]

The Footygods: the Algea

The Footygods must have enjoyed Saturday. Adelaide and Geelong thought they just had to turn up to win. A mate of mine from Adelaide said that most people there thought that the cup was in the bag. The crows had stormed home to second. They had beaten the swans early and others had beaten them [Read more]

The Footy Gods: Horme

Horme was a difficult god to describe. The scholars describe her onrush in battle. Perhaps the best way to describe her by what she wasn’t: apathetic. Horme was who you wanted next to you when you wanted to have a go. She could be a dangerous companion when you didn’t. Perhaps the girl that you [Read more]

The Footygods: Nike

Nike was the sister of Kratos, Bia and Zelus. Given that they personified strength, force and envy, they almost had a forward line between them. Nike made up for what they missed. With her wings and chariot she was known for her speed and the greeks just loved her. Saturday saw indigenous round come to [Read more]

The Footygods: Hebe

The Greeks had a god of youth called Hebe. She was the daughter of Zeus and carried the cup that the gods drank from. You could recognise her by her sleeveless dress. She even turned the old Iolaus into a young man. On Saturday, one bunch of sleeveless kids battled another bunch of sleeveless kids [Read more]

The Footygods: Ajax the great

Ajax the great was tall, big strong and smart. When he was born, Heracles threw a lion skin around him and prayed that the baby’s skin would be just as tough and his courage just as strong. Zeus came through on most of that but left the skin soft around his neck just to show [Read more]

The Footygods: Zelus

Zelus was a difficult god to be around. As the god of envy and rivalry, he could cause real difficulties even when he wasn’t trying. And he would leave us mortals to drink of bitter sorrow. We’ve seen a bit of envy and rivalry in the black and whites in the last year. Eddie wanted [Read more]

The footygods: Eileithyia

  by Ian Latham Birth is a big thing. I’ve seen blokes cry talking about the birth of their kids. My wife did more than cry when giving birth to our kids. The ancient greeks had a goddess for birth called Eileithyia. She was also the goddess for labour pain, perhaps to show that you [Read more]