Round 8 Preview – The Stuff of Legends

Sal Ciardulli offers his tribute to Louie the Lip and his tips for Round 8 (5/9 was a top effort last week – get on Sal’s tips while he’s hot – Ed.)

Round 23 – Sal’s Preview: The Goodbye Round

Sal provides value in his tips for Round 23, The Goodbye Round, time to say goodbye to 2016 for Carlton and a few others.

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Tipsters. Sign up now. A few excellent options. [Includes ordinary tipping comp, Top 8, Gigs Ladder Ladder, I Tipped This]

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The Pre Wrap – Round XIV: For the philosophical Marngrook fan

THE PRE WRAP – ROUND XIV FOR THE PHILOSOPHICAL MARNGROOK FAN And what a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  It’s not Ian Meckiff this time.  It’s not even Murilli who’s in the gun.  No, it’s the whole West Coast Eagles Football team.  Spare m’ days.  After all these years they’ve noticed the amount of [Read more]

John Kingsmill’s Footy Diary

The Winter Solstice When the little people start grinning I’ve consulted the Predicator again and I am here to tell you that the Big P never lies. We’ll need thirteen wins to make the eight this year. St Kilda and Essendon will fall short. The Swans, Carlton and Freo will have nervous times but they’ll [Read more]

Vin remembers his tips

Half-way through his 45th season of following footy a jaded Vin Maskell finally remembers to put in his tips for the week. Here they are: Nine teams will win, some by a lot. Nine teams will lose, some by a little. A star player will get injured. Another star player will not get injured.