NackiLeaks Expose’ – John Harms Dream (Extended and Unauthorised Version)

DRAFT MEDIA RELEASE (Embargoed until after Geelong go through season undefeated) Mr John Harms, the newly appointed Marketing Director of the Competition formerly known as the AFL, took pleasure in announcing today that “a great Australian company in James Hardie Industries will become the League’s major corporate sponsor from 2012 onwards.”  Mr Harms said that [Read more]

I’m sick of footy

  I’m sick of footy. I’m tired of 24 hour, 365 days a year media saturation.  Hirdy on the front page in January.  Fev playing the pokies in February.  Ricky Nixon and a teenage girl.  Sordid, seedy, eploitive, embarrassing, boring.  I don’t need to hear and read about that stuff.  I don’t frigging care about [Read more]