AFL: The State of the Game Part 2. The Ramblings of a Madman.

Dips O’Donnell continues his thoughtful observations. Will the magic of Australian Football be “ruled” out of existence?

AFL: The state of the game and the truth of the matter.

“Football is not a game of rules, it is a collection of understandings.” Has the AFL confused guiding the game with ruling the game? Some impassioned observations from Dips O’Donnell.

A Portrait of the Supporter as a Young Woman

So much certainty in the “adult” world. With their team struggling, Little Jenny and her Mum head off to the game. [What is hope? What is evidence? What is opinion? – Ed]

Footy philosophy: Australian Rules v AFL, sport v business, Plato

David Wilson hears the angst around tanking/ fixturing/ drugs/ booing/ trade rules/ the place of the maverick footballer and offers up Plato. Maybe the Australian Rules football ideal is incompatible with the AFL and its clubs..?

AFLPA Interviews: David Parkin

David Parkin talks to John Harms about sport, education and his footy life.

The Earth is flat

Rick Kane challenges the way Mick Malthouse understands life, the universe, and close losses.

Stresstember Reflections…Bad Currency Drives Out Good

  by Stephen Alomes   It is the time of the year…when a footy follower’s thoughts turn not to flowers or fillies or fun but to the last steps to the top of the hill or perhaps in the DeMillean AFLspeak ‘the mountain’ or even ‘the summit’.   It is the time of Sturm und [Read more]

pig skin redemption

pig skin redemption god came to our footy club on a tuesday night. he wore jeans with work boots and a flannel top. he looked solid, like a farmer, when he stripped down and ran out. he did a few parlour tricks, or, what for him would have been parlour tricks, just to prove who [Read more]

The human element

Have you even noticed how most racists start their rant with: “I’m not racist, but…” Just as most commontators start with: “Now I don’t want to take all the colour out of the game, but…” This piece is for them… Goal Umpires and Video Calls Some time this year, as sure as Brisbane aren’t much [Read more]

Four ponderings and a conjectural (the State of the Game)

Footy seems to have changed in 2011, and at this early stage it seems mostly for the better. I don’t just say that because this year the Eagles look worthy of holding a spot in the top 16, but it helps. Saturday night’s game between West Coast and Sydney was a thoroughly engaging and entertaining [Read more]

The Essence of the Game

During the recent discussion about the claim that the substitution rule has saved the game and that the Almanackery (aided by some bountiful Heathcote vines) influenced this development, JTH challenged us to identify the Essence of the Game.  I thought I’d open the bowling. There’s potentially a PhD thesis in this, and God knows, it’s [Read more]

Australian Football Versus Tackleball and Stoppageball

THE ‘GREAT GAME’ OF 2009–10 This is a story of the state of Australian Football — with implications for the character of other invasion/?eld games in the commercial, professional, corporate era of sport — in three parts. This more speci?c study is set in an era of the corruption of contemporary sports (from corporate club [Read more]

LINK: Possession Possession Possession

Possession. As possession footy becomes an increasing talking point in AFL circles, soccer has generally looked at the issue differently. Inter Milan’s recent Champions League victory over Barcelona has brought this question into focus once again. Almanacker Rick Kane brought this Guardian piece to our attention.  It is a fascinating dissection of the topic . [Read more]

Agon(y) in pursuit of Ecstasy

by John Butler Last week Mr Harms was waxing philosophical on matters football related. No great surprise in this. In his amiable fashion, the quest for footy’s meaning, and the source of its appeal, are recurring Harms themes.  As is his wont, this particular stroll took us through subjects ranging from Greek philosophy to the [Read more]

The agon and AFL footy.

Every Saturday, around lunch-time, I do a spot on ABC Grandstand’s South Australian edition. It’ss a lot of fun. Roger Wills holds the show together in the way that only Roger can. He has a unique mind. It reminds of one of those rooms in an rambling old country dwelling; one that is full of [Read more]