One Hundred Years Ago: Round 2, 6th May, 1911

If the VFL hoped to put one area of controversy behind it with the decision to permit player payments, it was to be rudely reminded that certain sections of society remained implacably opposed to the very notion of professional sport. On the eve of the season’s second round a scathing public attack by a prominent [Read more]

One Hundred Years Ago: Round 1, April 29th, 1911

The year of 1911 marked the completion of Australia’s first decade as a federated nation, and many of its not quite four million citizens may have been moved to reflect on their country’s distant role in a rapidly changing world. As autumn arrived in Melbourne, the more rarefied circles amongst its almost 600,000 residents may [Read more]

The real founders of Aussie Rules?

By Tony Ward Tony is author of the recently published Sport in Australian National Identity: Kicking Goals (Routledge). Paperback ISBN 978-0415575553, published 31 March 2010 in UK – copies available: £26.99 plus shipping, from $50 including shipping, from There’s been a decent tussle over the last couple of years on who can claim [Read more]