Footy Language: Talking Clearly, Clearly Classified

Clearly, we have an outbreak of ‘clearly’ usage in footy language. Damian Balasonne examines the phenomenon.

The Commentary Box: Melbourne’s Mangled Metaphors

Whilst the Round 2 loss by the Demons against the Dons opened the floodgates to Pandora’s box of worms for the MFC, hidden out of view amongst the commentary that evening were a few gems of mangled language that deserve a second repeating.

Relatively Gutted

By Phil Dimitriadis   The gut holds our emotions, our food, our poisons, our hopes and our fears. We get inspired by those who show guts, but do we get gutted too easily when things don’t go our way? Jimmy’s dead. Wounds are raw and words are plenty. He reached out and people are reaching [Read more]

Yellow wins in ten syllables

  Australia shrug South Africa out of the World Cup; then Woodville-West Torrens stop the Dogs five years deep in victory to snare an unlikely cup. Their thick-set ruckman wins the medal and, on stage, says: “We’ll never fucking forget this.” And we will never forget those words, the TV says, drier than salt in [Read more]

The most over-used word in footy

  By Domenic Favata Game-plan, formation, style, press, composition, makeup, form, arrangement, configuration, format, ‘spine’, framework, order, STRUCTURE- the most overused word in footy. Exactly what is a structure fellow sports enthusiasts? I believe it is the way a team sets up when they are not in possession of the ball, how they press and [Read more]

One Phrase At A Time

Football players and coaches are being coached on and off the field to within an inch of their lives. Their language used to be colourful, but the only colour in football these days is in the jumpers. Media training off the field is killing spontaneity and the thrill of seeing a footballer mangle players on [Read more]