Almanac Book Review: ‘The Footy Jumper Book’ by Tim Rath and Andrew Gigacz

Smokie has poured over a recently released book by Gigs and Tim Rath that documents the history and colour of that most universal of footy accessories, the jumper.

The fourth jumper

Vin Maskell’s trio of particularly personal football jumpers is now a quartet, courtesy of a recent gift from a coach.

Three jumpers

Vin Maskell re-visits, and updates, his football jumper stories, threading through themes of life and remembrance.

1975: VFL Enters the Colour TV Age – Nice Knickers (and Hose)

How did the VFL teams adapt to the introduction of colour tele in 1975? Tastefully, of course.

A Barracker’s Guide to Footy Survival

Old mate Joe Moore presents your one-stop guide to surviving a football match. What to eat, what to wear, what to drink and who to listen to – it’s all here.

Old (woollen) footy jumpers – Stephen Alomes, Rainbow warrior

Football chronicler Stephen Alomes recalls a rare high mark and his old TUFC jumper.

Old (woollen ) footy jumpers – the lost letters of Charlie Moore

In its heyday Charlie Moore’s Preston Rovers jumper would have sported proud white lettering. Alas, the fabric and the fibre have fallen by the wayside.

A brother’s jumper

Vin Maskell clings to the memory of a football jumper he will never see or touch again.

Imagination and Footy

    Kids books are funny things. Sometimes I write a few on days I get rained out in the bush. It’s all stories. Footy, playing it, is full of experiences, stories. So is going to a game to support. You want to write. Do. Live life and stories will follow. Sometimes, even, the inspiration [Read more]

crio’s Q

It was probably the report of an Almanacker wearing a hoodie to a Lord’s Taverner’s dinner that has brought this matter to (ahem!) a head. Beau Brummel Flynn, having indulged sartorially in matching tie and scarf at The ‘Bool, was outraged. Hoodies, it must be said, are essential for all 15 year old boys or [Read more]

Jumper lore

On the way to the footy last Saturday night, I stopped in to change my mobile phone plan. This involved a fair bit of lightning typing from an under 25, who drew breath only to ask me: ‘Do you want me to do a number sequence search on anything in particular?’ After looking blankly at [Read more]

Crio’s Question

Like Sergei Bubka, the Hawks seem to have again marginally broken their own record. Was their jumper against Sydney the worst of their many fashion crimes – beginning with the Club ‘s colours – and do they hold the mantle of worst sports uniform? Broadening the debate, I propose that Melbourne Victory’s home shirt is [Read more]

Footy: My lowdown on all clubs’ away guernseys

One of the biggest rising issues in the game these days is the sort of guernsey your club wears. If you grew up watching footy in the early 20th century, you would be shocked to know that the likes of Melbourne, Hawthorn and the Western Bulldogs have predominantly white strip when there is a clash. [Read more]