Footy DNA

Gibson and Lake.   DNA is a brilliant thing. Look at how many SODs, Sons of Dads are playing the game these days. Heaps! Only half of them from Footscray! How good is it to see a Liberatore running around? Keeping the mighty flame of his father’s name burning! A Raines! Even runs like Dad. [Read more]

Going to the footy

    By Daniel Taranto   Sitting on a plastic chair, in a stadium which makes it colder indoors than out (How does Docklands manage to achieve that?), with 35,000 fellow Carlton Blues supporters on a Saturday afternoon is one of the things in life that I love doing. It gives me a sense of [Read more]

You can’t choose your family…or your Footy club!!!

In case it escaped your attention last year, esteemed journalist Patrick Smith took the astonishing step of turning his back on four generations of Essendon-supporting tradition, trading the Bombers in for my club Richmond! Smith’s actions were in protest of his ‘former clubs’ handling of the controversial James Hird and Mark Thompson coaching appointments, using [Read more]