The Winds of Economic Change

  These are turbulent times in the global economy. Depending on who you listen to, we are still in the midst of the GFC; or, the GFC ended but we are now on the cusp of GFC Mark II; China’s growth is either teetering or marching on; and the European sovereign debt crisis is threatening [Read more]

The crumbs that fall from the AFL table – a response

One of the issues raised about this concept of increasing funding to “community football’ is that any savings passed onto Clubs from Leagues will be spent on player payments. An interesting response given that some of the $1.25 billion (over 5yrs) will no doubt be used by AFL Clubs to pay for wages. The short [Read more]

The crumbs that fall from the AFL table

    So there we have it! $1.25 billon dollars are to be paid for the TV rights for AFL football: a record. Now the debate will be about how this amount is to be divided between clubs, players, administrators and the like. Who deserves this money: the poor clubs, champion players, or draftees and [Read more]